I Tried Intuitive Eating BUT Did It Work? [The Science]

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Intuitive Eating is a very new concept to me, one I initially turned my nose up at because the idea of emotionally or mindfully eating was a little strange. give someone the ability to emotionally eat and they over eat?

Well, find out about intuitive eating in today's video, I look into the science, answer your questions, give you a full day of eating and finally wrap up with my thoughts

00:00 Intro
01:21 First Impressions
01:27 The Science
02:02 Body Image
03:25 Full Day of Eating One
03:50 Q&A
04:22 Accountability
04:50 Should you track first
06:20 Tips for fasting
07:42 Portion Control
08:58 Gym Performance
10:27 Weighing Food
11:10 Tracking
13:03 Rigid to flexible
15:16 Full Day of Eating Two
15:31 My Thoughts

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